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How Can I help
How Can I Help?

I would imagine at this point you are very much aware as to why you have contacted me and why you feel the need to seek counselling.


I also suspect that from either what you have read or already know you have a good idea about how counselling can help you. 


My aim is to help you, allowing you to see a way forward, and I hope giving you more clarity and focus. I will listen, be non-judgemental, understand your problems, your pain and daily struggles and support you through this difficult period.


And hopefully get you to a better place.


All in the safety of my own totally secure studio where we will build a therapeutic relationship allowing us to work openly and honestly together.


​With my countless years of experience working with people from various different backgrounds and cultures (including my many years in HR across the globe in many different business sectors) as well as working with young people of various ages, my practice is diverse, and my style is adaptable to your own unique and specific needs.


Do you ever feel as if :

·         You can’t go on feeling like this and nobody understands

·         You wish you were more confident

·         You wonder why you are staying in a relationship

·         You feel your marriage is a mess

·         You are struggling with divorce

·         You wonder why you get bullied at work

·         You feel you just can’t do your exam

·         You always turn to drugs to escape

·         You think you might be drinking too much

·         You feel that no one in your family listens to you

·         You have a feeling of self-loathing and hate yourself

·         You wish you felt less anxious

·         You feel as if your grief is consuming you

·         You hate your body

·         You get terrified on stage, worse if you must present or make a speech

·         You choke at the start of every race or event and are terrified of failure

·         You keep pushing people away and don’t know why


​If you have any of these thoughts and others and feel you need someone to talk to about them, then I am here to do my best for you, for as long as you wish.

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