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More About Me

For 30 years I have worked in large corporate multinational companies in the Human Resources arena and gained experience in diverse industry sectors from the traditional industries to the technology arena including Camelot, Channel 4, Comet, Warner Bros, T-Mobile, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, Nova Nordisk and latterly Subex. 

I have also consulted for businesses in the UK, Europe, and the EMEA region through to China so I have a good appreciation of work and life pressures that we all experience, whether from work or home or our families. 

I have won business awards including the Venus Awards for a High Achiever for the Thames Valley Region.​

Then, with a desire to put something back into society, I retrained to become a therapeutic counsellor where I could use my newfound knowledge and skills and some of the wealth of experience I have gained to help others on their journey through life.


Naturally, I have an understanding of workplace stress and career issues, however,  having now been a counsellor for over 5 years I find it very special and humbling to be able to help people find a way through adversity and come out the other side.


I have been able to help clients in areas including anxiety, depression, anger, grief, loss, trauma, stress, relationship troubles, drug abuse and many more in both work, domestic and sports arenas.

So, I look forward to helping you resolve your problems, no matter what they are and helping you on your life journey.

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