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Making your mind up………

If you are working and have a full-on role you very often forget to look after yourself. One of the most important things in life is to ensure you enjoy it! What is the point of working yourself into the ground and you are unhappy? However, there are a lot of people out there who do exactly that. Life is hard enough so why not take some time out to at least try and make yourself happier. Making yourself happy does not necessarily mean putting a big smile on your face, it is more about your physical and mental welfare.

Whenever people speak about physical welfare most of us immediately shudder and think of the gym, but there a many other ways of looking after yourself physically for example by joining a dancing group, a horse-riding club, aqua aerobics. At these groups you can often meet like-minded people who just want to get some fun back into their lives without putting themselves through purgatory.

Looking after your mental welfare is all about making your mind happy – believe it or not a 40-minute counselling session can put a lot of things back into perspective. Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk through your worries and concerns with someone unconnected to you. After a session you can feel empowered and less stressed.

So why do people feel that if you say “I am seeing a counsellor” they immediately think you have a mental disorder? Unfortunately, we still live in a world where people think you have mental issues if you need to see a counsellor

That impression has never been further from the truth. How often do you feel as if you are trying to juggle 1001 things at once and everything if falling on your head? How often do you feel you just cannot take on anything else and cannot cope? Does this mean you have mental issues? Of course it does not! If you ask anyone else they will tell you that they sometimes feel exactly the same, however we all have different coping mechanisms. Some that work and others that don’t.

Next time you feel as if you are overwhelmed due to the weights on your shoulders and the demands on you, book yourself in for a 40-minute mind gym counselling session and give yourself a break. You will be surprised how refreshed you will feel when you come out. Being given the opportunity to just talk about your issues helps relieve the pressure.

By Kim Dudko

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